Monday, June 09, 2008

The New "Justice League" Lineup

James Robinson talks about the new JLA spin-off "Justice League" in a Wizard interview.

Now, I understand that talking about team lineups can be silly before the first issue comes out (see, Batman and the Outsiders), and is even silly after the books start coming out (JLA had a different lineup for every arc, practically.) But, nonetheless, the line-up is.

1. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
2. Green Arrow
3. Atom (Ray Palmer)
4. Supergirl
5. Captain Marvel
6. Batwoman
7. Starman (Blue JLAlien Version)
8. Congorilla.

If they were going for a "patriotic" brand of diversity (one red (or ruddy) ape, six white heroes, and a blue guy), they've got the colors of the American flag down pretty well. If they were looking for a brand that included more types of Americans (or Earthlings), you've got to imagine that Black Lighning has another daughter hidden somewhere. Actual, I don't think Thunder is officially an Outsider, so she's free.

Also, Mr. Terrific, I believe, has the magical ability to appear in every single team book simultaneously, so he's an easy one. Also recommended would be Hawkgirl, Fire from Checkmate, or a member of the Great Ten from China (August General in Iron is already crossing over in Checkmate).


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