Monday, May 19, 2008

How I Would End The Blue & Gold Arc

Okay, so it's pretty obvious right from the beginning (and even before) that "saving Ted Kord" was going to turn out to be as a disaster. Without Ted's untimely demise, the heroes are not tipped off about Max Lord, his plan proceeds, and the OMACs end up taking over. We could have all seen that coming.

This is all leading up to Booster's belated realization that he has to go back and let Ted die, or else it all goes horribly wrong, (not to mention the fact that the whole Jaime Reyes thing never happens).

So, here's how it should go: Booster and Beetle go back in time to the moment that Booster stops Max from saving Ted, and while now-Booster pulls then-Booster away, now-Ted takes the bullet aimed for then-Ted. Then we can have a dead Ted AND an alive Ted.

Case solved.

And don't give me that time-paradox crap. This is a world where they can go to the endpoint of time, and sometimes people are there and sometimes there aren't, so I don't buy the paradox argument.


Blogger Stephen said...

all that time doubles stuff pisses me off

7:00 PM  

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