Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Senator Obama,

Dear Senator Obama,

As you are aware, I did not vote for you in the primary elections, and I gave money to your opponent. I am sure you know this, because I did not hear from you during my state's primary election, while Sen. Clinton and her friends called me regularly.

Senator Obama, you obviously know me well enough to know that I am not a sore loser, and will cast my vote for you in the general election, because I am not the sort to stay home, and I have not voted for a Republican in any race -- state, local, or federal -- since the Philadelphia mayor race in 1999, and that was really a one-time thing that I have since regretted.

Perhaps you have not had the same historic primary experiences I did, but Senators Harkin, Bradley, and Edwards can inform you that I have NEVER supported the winning candidate in a contested Democratic primary, and I nonetheless voted for Clinton, Gore, and Kerry without a second thought.

This weekend, however, something changed in our relationship. Perhaps you have decided that the primary race is over, or perhaps you just got your hands on some Democratic Campaign Committee phone list, but in the last three days, I have had to fend off numerous calls from your supporters asking me for money to defeat Senator McCain.

Perhaps the end of the relationship with Senator Clinton is too recent and the wounds are too raw, but I am not willing to give you my money at the moment. Maybe I will feel differently after Senator Clinton concedes, or after you have enough official delegates, or after the convention. But I'm feeling a little like Persephone in the Odyssey. The corpse isn't cold yet (or, like Ulysses, even actually dead), and the new suitors are already lining up asking for my hand and wallet.

I never really swooned to your "message," and I never quite figured out what what your platitudes like "You are the change you seek" actually meant. Are we all supposed to write in our own names on the ballot, so that the election ends in a 300-million way tie? I know I have many friends who think you are a breath of fresh air and a break from the old ways, and whatever. I just don't see it. You struck me as having essentially identical views as Senator Clinton, and I found HER more inspiring, not you.

Now like I said, I'm still going to vote for you. You don't need to worry that I'll take my Lunch Bucket and go home. I just need some time. And space. Please stop calling me.




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