Wednesday, May 14, 2008

12 Pages

12 Pages.

That's how many pages of today's 22 page Gotham Underground #8 are devoted to Batman fighting the Vigilante. All but a few of those pages were wordless, and the rest had only stock phrases from the Batman lexicon (of the "Not in my town!" variety.) I'm pretty sure he dispatched a whole legion of White Martian more expeditiously in JLA.

The other 10 pages were a meeting between Penguin and Mr. Stitches. I had no problem with those 10 games.

Anyone considering paying for Gotham Undergound, however, should seriously consider how much they are willing to pay for 12 pages of a single, wordless fight. Also, if you were tempted by Spoiler on the cover, there are no appearances by Spoiler in #8 -- a fact that they actually point out in the book.

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