Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Short Reviews on Last Wednesday's Books

Checkmate #26: Not enough cast of Checkmate. Too much Six Million Dollar Man. Too many unidentified, stereotyped Iraqis. Perfect amount of Bear on Bear fighting.

Batman and the Outsiders #7

I just can't look at this without thinking its taken from some sort of porn shot, with Rex as the "girl" (lying down, instead of pressed up against a wall), and the zombies as the gropey-guys. Actually, I'd be kind of impressed if it really was taken from a porn picture.

Birds of Prey #118

Not an impressive Birds of Prey story, but the best Darkseid/ Granny Goodness story I can remember reading.

Dresden Files #2

That Will Rogers girl better be an undercover something or other. Otherwise, she's the most stereotyped damsel-in-distress I've read in a long time.

Catwoman #79

The last few issues made me more comfortable with the thought that this book would be canceled. Now I am sad again.

Brave and the Bold #13

Batman says "Yes, sir" to Jay Garrick.

Justice League #16

Not enough Trinity sitting around chatting. Too much Red Arrow/ Hawkgirl stuff. Justice League should just be Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman chatting. It could be set up like "Face The Nation." What does Batman think about the crisis in Myanmar? Is Wonder Woman supporting Clinton or Obama? Um . . . I can't really think of any issue where I would care about Superman's opinion.

Echo #3

I really, really like #1 and #2, and #3 set up #4 very well, but this issue just kind of struck me as "filler."


Blogger Stephen said...

yes sir

7:53 AM  
Blogger Nerdy Bird said...

Damn them for canceling Catwoman. Sigh.

10:22 PM  

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