Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Secret Six #1

Reading Gail Simone start an ongoing Secret Six was bittersweet: Sweet because it was so good, and bitter because she is not doing more of it.

Back in the days of Birds of Prey and Atom and Secret Six minis, there were two or three chances per month to read the wackiness/ violence/ heroics/ wittiness combo that was what makes her writing so good.

Not that I have anything against her Wonder Woman. I have always read Wonder Woman, and Gail Simone is writing it the way it has always been written -- she just doesn't do it any better than Greg Rucka did, or George Perez, or John Byrne, etc.

So, the problem is that Simone doesn't do Wonder Woman any better than a dozen other people could, but NO ONE can ever do Birds of Prey (or Secret Six or Atom) as well as she does. But she got Peter Principled up the food chain to a higher profile book, and now spends more time writing Diana Loses Her Soul, and less time writing Ragdoll Tells A Funny About Removing His Own Genitals While Slowly Strangling Somebody.

The Catman & Deadshot foil a robbery scene is Secret Six #1 was absolutely perfect. The Boys Buy Scandal A Hooker scene worked only because no one is the entire scene was to be taken seriously. Junior Destroys An Entire Family scene works exactly because it is so upsetting, and yet set against the humor of the other scenes.

We want more of that! Not just a bunch of "very good" Wonder Woman stories.



Blogger Shelly said...

Yes, I agree about Gail Simone. She is so much better with quirky, B list characters, even C list ones. And she's much better with characters without a lot of history to live up to. She can pull characters up like no one's business, but Wonder Woman is an icon, and to date, including her run, while some people miss the mark, no one has stood out above the rest.

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