Monday, September 08, 2008

Helena Wayne's Lack of Underpants

So, you know how after you take a shower, you will often dry yourself off and put on a bathrobe? Sometimes, until you select your next outfit, you will not wear underwear beneath that bathrobe. When one is home, alone, and not -- say -- flying through the sky like Supergirl, this may be an appropriate fashion choice.

Demonstrating that Helena Wayne does not wear underwear after her showers, however, appears to have been the central preoccupation of the Huntress stories, in which she showered, changed clothes, or merely lounged in minimal attire at an alarmingly high rate.

Now, one might wonder, how could one reasonably demonstrate that a woman -- wearing a bathrobe -- is not wearing anything beneath that bathrobe. It is, actually, fairly challenging.

Proof that there is no bra is relatively easy. Merely have the bathrobe gape down below the cleavage to the navel.

No bra there! Proving lack of underpants is more difficult, however. Note that, no matter how high the bathrobe may ride up her leg, it is theoretically possible for a pair of small underpants to fit in there.

But, the central premise of Huntress, is determining for CERTAIN that she is not wearing underpants. Is there any possible way she could sit at that desk that would let us know for sure?

Yes. That would be one possibility! By having her sit at her desk, navel pushed out, and both legs up by her phone (a pose known in technical terms the "upright, arched, gynocologist chair"), we can be sure that Helena Wayne is not wearing any underpants. As further confirmation of the above point, there is a clear nipple outline in this frame.

Is this the only way to prove lack of underpants? Of course not. Let your imagination run wild until the next installment.

(All scans from Batman Family #20, 1978)



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