Monday, July 28, 2008

Short Thoughts

1. Dan Dare. Best mini-series I've read in the last few months. If you haven't read it, the books are starting to come out. Good and solid in a way that makes you want to be British. (I am not, in any way, British, but I like to pretend that I am sometimes because my great grandmother was born there, while her parents were half-way through emigrating from Romania to America.)

Pictured above is Lt. Christian, the real star of "Dan Dare." Dan Dare, of course, is also a star, but in kind of the way that William Shatner was the star of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."

After a while, even if you are the "original," it still comes off like a cover version when The Rolling Stones sings "Hope I die before I get old" at 60 year olds. The character of "Dan Dare" was originally called "Lex Christian," which sets up Lt. Christian as "more original than the original."

2. Trinity. I like it a lot. I have no complaints. I don't think it's "too slow" or "too boring." I like the back-up stories. I always like Gangbuster, for example, and they all actually do fit into the plot. I seem to be in a Minority of One here. But then, how many blogs do I read of people who actual would list "Superman" in their top 10 super-heroes. Not many. But he's in mine.

3. Diana Price Vol. 2! For someone who can't stand reading those Black and White Archives, my collection of Wonder Woman between, say, the end of World War II and the 1986 was kind of sparse -- consisting only of Volume 1. This is a good thing.

4. I don't care if it's Spider-Man fighting The Human Flame when they first met in Amazing Spider-Man in the early 1960s, or Black Canary fighting Manhunter in last week's Birds of Prey #120, it NEVER works to have good guys fighting each other. You have to make them both act out of character.


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