Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Nine Stupid Questions About DCU: Last Will and Testament

A continuing series in which I embarrass myself by asking stupid questions, so that you don't have to!

1. So, if I understand correctly (and I might not!) Final Crisis #3 ends with the Anti-Life Virus released, so that soon everyone will turn into a "Darkseid Zombie for Libra" when they open their e-mails. How, exactly, is this the Last Night Before We All Die? Does Geo-Force know he's going to have to check his e-mail as some point? Shouldn't they be out fighting Zombies or something?

2. Wasn't Batman captured in Final Crisis and taken into outer space. Why is he out "swinging" with Robin and Nightwing?

3. Wasn't Superman "Beyond" in Final Crisis? Why is he chatting with Pa Kent in Smallville?

4. Wasn't Hal Jordan arrested and standing trial for an attack on John Stewart? Why is he hanging out with Wally?

5. Isn't Wonder Woman already a mindless Zombie? Why is she in a graveyard with Donna?

6. Is this Geo-Force story just the story that Meltzer was building up to during his run of Justice League, but never got the finish, and not really a "Final Crisis" story at all?

7. What was the significance of Beast Boy's Bible being in Rocky's confessional?

8. How long is "DCU Years" has in been between the death of Terra in the early 1980s and Geo-Force's plan for revenge in 2008?

9. What is Geo-Force's name in Markovia, and what does it really mean?

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