Friday, February 08, 2008

And the rest . . .

Thoughts on the other comics I read this week that I didn't have a post's worth of stuff to say about:

1. The Atom #20 -- The best part about this issue (besides the fact that it fully wrapped up all of the stuff that went on in the past 19 issues) was that the key clue that helped Ryan figure out who the enemy was happened in the filler issue -- the one-shot #19 that Gail Simone didn't even write.

Way to keep that fill-in in continuity!

2. Buffy #11 -- Best big-reveal joke.

Who is it? Who's under the mask? Quick turn the page to find out!

Okay. Maybe it was stupid. But it made me laugh.

3. Teen Titans: Year One #2 -- Not very memorable.

4. Supergirl #26. This one would have been good if the last few issues had made any sense. As it is, I just feel like this month's cliff hanger will get ignored and next week we'll get an issue that takes place in Deep Space with a flash back to Krypton and an Editor's Note saying: "This issue takes place after issue #24, but before that crappy arc with the Outsiders."

It is a sign of despair when an otherwise good issue leaves you with the conclusion, "So this will be the last good one until the mid-30s, then?"

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