Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today, I read Countdown to Final Crisis 12

I also read Justice Society of America #12. In my imagination, the #12s are waving to each other as they proceed in opposite directions down the number line.

12 Quick thoughts on Countdown to Final Crisis #12

1. I am starting to get the sneaking suspicion that Darkseid does not actually KNOW how to play chess. I think, if he actually had to play a real game, he'd just assume that most of the pieces moved like the Horsey.

2. I'm a big fan of Maps. I'd really like a map of Themiscyra so I can figure out where everyone is in the Holly/Harley bits from Countdown; where everyone is in the Paradise Island parts of Wonder; and where everyone is during the "Free Ollie" parts of Green Arrow/ Black Canary.

3. The Jimmy Olsen/ Forager relationship appears to be based largely upon showering separately.

4. I wish I knew anything about the "original" OMAC stuff so I could figure out what was going on with Old OMAC meets New OMAC. I know there was a Countdown Special out today, but really. I wish I "knew" already. I'm not actually that interested in taking the time to "find out."

5. So, who-all knew that "Athena" was really Granny Goodness? I mean, WE knew, because we studied all of the subtle clues from Amazons Attack, but I sort of felt like no one was surprised here, despite the fact that they only suspected she was an "imposter." Did the all start to figure it out when she started talking about "Amazon Furies"? Or did I miss the issue where we saw Holly spying on Granny Goodness through a keyhole?

6. I can't actually remember why Jimmy and Forager went to Apokolips the first time, or why they came back to Earth, so I'm not really excited that the time travelling finger of Grant Morrison's-Patrick-Swayze-in-Ghost-Animal-Man (or whoever) wants them to go back.

7. Yey, Hippolyta! But why did you think that you couldn't beat Granny Goodness by yourself, but could beat her with three unpowered back-up singers? Sure, Hippolyta could win a fair fight with G.G. But if she can't, Holly, Harley, and Mary aren't going to push her over the edge to victory.

8. Is there some sort of Air Traffic Control system for Boom Tubes, so they don't crash into each other on Apokolips?

9. I feel like a saw a "Furries" joke in comic book pretty recently, but I can't remember which one. Or maybe it was in a blog. In any event, even if its the first time ever, the joke is already old.

10. It's been a really long time since we had a "Piper" segment. Looks like not a lot has changed, but you'd think he would have lost enough weight by now that the handcuffs should just slide off.

11. Holly asking Mary what she's going to do against Granny Goodness? Glass houses, Holly. Glass houses.

12. I've completely lost track of what's happening in Bludhaven. Why are the gang there? What happened to Professor Stein? Why is the OMAC there? I even read all of the massively confusing "Battle for Bludhaven" and the theoretically relevant last arc of Firestorm, and I am just lost. Anyway, it may not matter, since OMAC is treating Bludhaven like Darkseid treats his chess boards.



Blogger Stephen said...

i'm also totally confused by the broth eye and karate kid arc. you are not alone

3:30 PM  

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