Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stupid Question #8

Is young, hip, skinny Etta hopping around Khund planet with Wonder Woman still married to Steve Trevor like she was back in WW v.2? Steve was still pretty "mature" back WW #1. Have they gone from peers to a May/December romance due to assymetrical aging? Or is new-Etta single again, or perhaps a different person entirely (cousins . . . identical cousins . . .)

Also, why has there never been a Steve Trevor/ Hal Jordan team-up? Do they even know each other from their respective Air Force days? Those two seem like potential best friends who haven't met.

Anyway, the Green Latern at the end of WW#18 played all sorts of combinations in my head. While Hal and Steve are having a guys night out, Etta is confronted by Star Sapphire . . .

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