Monday, June 18, 2007

Stupid Questions #6

Who are the 33,000 people who are buying Justice League -- but not Justice Society -- during their crossover? Are some of them among the 11,000 people who are buying Outsiders, but not Checkmate during their crossover?

When these people purchase books, do they often choose to read only the odd-numbered chapters?

When a book you buy has a clearly labelled crossover, do you ever choose not to buy the half of the story that is in the other book? If so, does the story still make sense?



Blogger ComicGeek said...

That's a good point. I couldn't imagine only having read half of the Lightning Saga crossover. Even with buying both titles, I had to read them all twice to make sure I was understanding the whole story. If I was reading just JLA, I would be lost.

8:30 AM  

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