Thursday, May 17, 2007

Checkmate/Outsiders -- My favorite crossover

Yes, JLA/JSA is good, too, and not just because of Kara and Carter. But, for my money, the team-up of the month is clearly Checkmate/Outsiders. I mean, what fun is a team-up unless the teams really hate each other. I'm completely loving this one.

Nightwing: "I am so brilliant that I can identify Sasha Bordeaux simply by her fighting style. This is because I'm such a moron that I cannot identify her by the fact that she is not wearing a costume or attempting to obscure her identity in any way."

Mlle Marie: "That Boomer is cute, but is probably very bad in bed."

Amanda Waller: "I like Count Vertigo because he can make Boomer vomit at a moment's notice."

Jagger, Thunder, and Grace: "We hate Fire, but because she's an ass -- not because she's the only Breeder on our team."

Count Vertigo: "Amanda Waller only likes me because I can make Boomer vomit."

Metamorpho: "You know, sometimes it's more fun sitting at the kids' table than having to make serious conversation with grown-ups."

Mr. Terrific: "Who says I can't be in every comic book this month? I'm Mr. Terrific, the third smartest man in the world! It can be in Checkmate, JSA, Ousiders, JLA, heck, I can keep dozens of unrelated plot lines straight in my head at the same time. Next month I'm gonna take down Jonah Hex!"

Fire: "Amanda Waller does not need Count Vertigo to make me vomit."

Katana: "I freakin' HATE the kids' table. Black Lightning is in the JLA and I'm on a team with freakin' Captain Boomerang, Jr. I could SOOO take Black Lightning in a fair fight."

Sasha Bourdeaux: "Nightwing keeps doing that 'Let's have a fight and then maybe we'll find ourselves in a compromising position and then we'll kiss' thing. How do I tell him that I find him unattractive on both a physical AND intellectual level."

Boomer: "I am very cute, but probably very bad in bed."

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Blogger DCUBoy said...

Haha very funny. Actually though, Sasha got plastic surgery on her face along with a new hair color so that is why he doesn't recognize her.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Ragtime said...

Hi DCUBoy,

Good points, but I still don't buy it.

While this is true, Sasha is also the Black Queen of a U.N. sanctioned entity. As such, she would have had to get approved by the security counsel (like Alan Scott got rejected by them, and Mr. Terrific had to get approved.)

Even if she had plastic surgery, she simply does not have a "secret identity." Her entry in the United Nations inter-office phone directory says "Sasha Bourdeaux," that the name she goes by, and she's not hiding it.

Nightwing claimed credit for independently discovering what could have been easily found with a simple "Google" search.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Ami Angelwings said...


I wondered that about Sasha, since BATMAN recognized her in Checkmate, and she didn't change her looks or her name (as far as I know) XDDD

And why would she need to? Checkmate isn't top sekrit. Mr. Terrific very blatantly works for them after all XD

I love your little quotes for each character tho! :D

2:55 PM  
Blogger Ragtime said...


Exactly. Nightwing was all about "I know who you are!" Sasha could have responde with, "You could have just asked me for my business card!"

9:06 AM  

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