Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Thoughts to the Gov

A quick note sending best wishes to our Governor Jon Corzine who appears to be in critical condition with lots of broken bones following a car crash. He is a great guy, and we all wish him a quick and full recovery.

Meanwhile, I can't help but wonder whether G-d is somehow telling us that Dick Codey should be governor instead. We all love Dick Codey. We would certainly vote for him, were he to ever choose to run. He is, however, the only man in America, who when he said he wasn't running for governor because he wanted to spend more time with his family, actually MEANT it. It is a big problem with politics that we can't really vote for a candidate until he or she decides to run.

And yet, his failure to run, and lack of desire to actually be, governor of New Jersey, has once again failed to prevent him from actually BEING the governor.

Senate President Codey first became acting Governor in 2002, after Christie Whitman left to become Bush's ill-fated EPA Chair (she was later canned for attempted to actually protect the environment.) Republican Donald DiFrancesco actually directly succeeded Whitman, but the Democrats took back the Senate before the next gubernatorial election, so Codey got to serve as governor before the McGreevey took office.

In 2004, Codey again became acting Governor following Governor Jim McGreevey's post-"I'm gay and cheated on my wife" resignation.

Now, in 2007, Corzine crashed on his way to meet Don Imus (who, honestly, I have never listened to or cared about), and Dick Codey is back in the Big Chair.

Dear Dick. You have been a great governor in your three non-consecutive "acting" elevations. Your constant attempts to not be governor are obviously not working out. You are fighting against fate here. Please run for governor before somebody dies.


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