Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Wanna Get Married (to a Jealous, Two-Timing Louse)

In honor of Black Canary's assumed impending nuptials to Green Arrow, I've put together a little photo montage set to music, on the off-chance I'm invited to any of the pre-marriage events and can give Dinah a gift. Please sing along in your head as you read, if you know the song.

Music and Lyrics by Nellie McKay

"I wanna get married
Yes, I need a spouse

I want a nice Leave it to Beaverish
Golden retriever and a little white house

I wanna get married
I need to cook meals

I wanna pack you cute little lunches
For my Brady bunches
Then read Danielle Steele

I wanna escape
This rat race I've created

I'm feelin' enervated

I don't care if I make it
I just want to bake a sugar cake for you
To take to work in the morn

And I'll stay home cleaning the dishes
And keeping your wishes all warm

I wanna get married
That's why I was born

I wanna partake in bake sales for the classroom

I wanna hear the sweet tune
Of Sally's little vroom-vroom
As she zooms around my broom

As I exhume the gloom
Of my shallow life

I wanna be simple and honest and dimpled
'cause I am your wife

I will never tarry

I'm not even torn

I wanna get married
That's why I was born"

Best wishes, Dinah! (You will sure need them.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, that was a good post.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Skullduggery said...

Is there any chance we could get Dan Didio and Joe Quesada to swap jobs?
Because then we could have Dan promoting the strength of Peter and MJ's marriage while Joe would nix Oliver and Dinah's nuptials.
It would be happy days all around.

2:43 AM  
Blogger Ragtime said...

Thank you Salymander!


I'm not sure if doing the right things for the wrong reasons gets us all the way there!

11:22 AM  
Anonymous philippos42 said...

You realize that Ollie & Dinah are both a lot older than Zat in that panel. Wow.

7:46 PM  

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