Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"This Book Is Just a Big Lie"

Scene: Sunday at the Barnes & Noble. I am reading to the Raggirls a book that I think all three of them will enjoy.

Me: "George was a very curious monkey, but he always seemed to be getting into trouble . . ."

Eldest Raggirl: He doesn't have a tail.

Medium Raggirl: Yeah, he doesn't have a tail!

Me: What?

ER: He doesn't have a tail.

Me: He doesn't have a tail. So?

MR: Monkeys have tails. If it doesn't have a tail, its not a monkey.

ER: Yeah. I learned that in school. If he doesn't have a tail, George is an ape, not a monkey.

Me: So, Curious George is an ape?

ER: Yes, but it says that he was a curious "monkey." This book is just a big lie.

Disillusioned by literature, Eldest and Medium Raggirl wandered away. Youngest Raggirl, being less than 2 years old, was less concerned about the Ape/ Monkey distinction, and continued to enjoy the story.


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