Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Inaction Speaks Louder Than Silence

Listed without comment, 10 comic books I have purchased recently, but have not yet read (in roughly reverse chronological order):

1. Avengers Classic #10
2. Simon Dark #6
3. Raven #1
4. Superpowers #1
5. Infinity, Inc. #7
6. Green Arrow/ Black Canary #6
7. Eva, The Vampire Diva #3
8. That Search for Ray Palmer with the Communist Superman
9. 2007 Infinite Halloween issue
10. Eat The Dead, Virgin One-Shot

FYI, I have been reading Marvel Masterworks, Spider-Man, Volume 2 instead. Mostly for that oh-so-conflicted Flash Thompson.


Blogger Stephen said...

2007 infinite halloween has some pretty good stories sir. as for raven throw it in the trash with communist superman

1:43 PM  

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