Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rose Wilson Is A Penis

At least, that appears to be how Ravager is being classified in the most recent Teen Titans.

Am I reading too much into this?

1. Wonder Girl begins by describing Ravager with a clearly phallic metaphor.

2. The Clock King (or whoever the lame villain is), is torturing Kid Devil, and as part of his psychological assault, he tells him that Ravager isn't coming to rescue him. What does he say?

"Not a glint nor a flicker . . ."

Glint nor a flicker? What a very odd turn of phrase here. Kind of jumps out at you, unless, of course, Ravager is being compared to legendary "dirty comics" character CLINT FLICKER, which, when the L and I are blurred together, gives you another penis reference.

3. Once you get started though, its hard to stop. Rose's rogue gallery in this issue -- Dreadbolt, Copperhead, and the Persuader -- the first two are kind of self-explanatory, but even "The Persuader is listed in Naming of Parts: Gender, Culture, and Terms for the Penis among American College Students as a bona fide slang term for -- yep -- Penis.

So, there you have it. Former villain, struggling hero, current member of the Teen Titans is a penis, is called a penis, and she has to fight off a bunch of evil penises to save the day.

So, Rose. You've just been compared to a phallus for 22 pages. Do you have a reaction?


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Blogger Stephen said...

lmao. i love rose, does that make me gay?

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone has been reading a lot of Freud.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Ragtime said...

Yes, Stephen, you are gay.

7:36 AM  
Blogger philippos42 said...

Lot of late nights & writers get silly. Maybe it seemed clever at the time.

2:27 PM  

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