Monday, September 22, 2008

Arbitrary Current Rankings

Five favorite comic books currently being published:

1. Trinity (even though I know y'all hate it)
2. Secret Six (even though there is only one out!)
3. Booster Gold
4. Amazing Spider-Man
5. Wonder Woman (aspirational that they will continue to be like the last issue).

Five comics I dropped recently.

1. Green Arrow/ Black Canary (end of stupid arc.)
2. Flash (stopped caring)
3. Batman and the Outsiders (what is this book about, exactly?)
4. Checkmate (even though it's the last arc, this quickly went from my favorite to 'why bother?')
5. The War That Time Forgot (half a year, and nothing has happened.)

Three trades that I picked up on a whim, and was surprised that I liked:

1. Planet Hulk
2. Scalped, Vol. 1
3. Marvel Masterworks X-Men, Vol. 1


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