Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here, Here for Hereville

One of the webcomics that I used to follow is being published on real paper, and since that's how I prefer it anyway, I will definitely be buying a copy of Barry Deutsch's Hereville. For those who are not familiar with Barry Deutsch, he hosts a political website called "Alas, A Blog," which is always interesting and well-considered, even if they all are way to the left of a regular, Middle-of-the-Road Democrat like me.

A review of the Hereville comic by someone who read the whole thing is here. The comic is called "How Mirka Got Her Sword," and is about a young Orthodox Jewish girl who sets out to slay dragons, which has all the elements that my little Raggirls will love, and looks to be the first comic book to crack our Bedtime Story Ritual since The Courageous Princess.

The first 22 pages are available for free at The above page is page 11 of the story, and my personal favorite.


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