Friday, January 02, 2009

One Thought on Rann/ Thanager Holy War

So, let's assume that you are Starman, leader of Gemworld. Let's also assume the entire population of your planet has been killed. But wait! In their second game of "Hide the Ball" this decade, the Rannians have now re-located themselves to your now-empty world.

How do you respond?

Or, to bring it down to Earth -- Let's say you are the President of the USA, and the entire population of your country was just killed while you were off on a European diplomatic mission. Suddenly, who should pop up across your heartland but the entire population of Indonesia.

How do you respond?

I'm thinking it won't be along the lines of "What the heck, I'll just be President of the Indonesians now!"

That is why you are not Starman of Gemworld.


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