Friday, December 01, 2006

Impotence -- The Fate Worse Than Death (Snake Woman #5)


Main Hero: JessicaPeterson

Main Villains: Harker, Robinson


After a long, drug-induced flashback/expository-plot-device, Jessica has learned that she is the reincarnation of the Snake Goddess, whose soul first entered a girl born during a massacre in India, and reincarnated in each generation. Based on this wrong committed long ago by 68 British soldiers, each reincarnation of the Snake Goddess and "The 68" are at constant war. If Jessica is able to kill all 68, then the cycle ends and the souls can rest. If she fails, however, then everyone tries again in the next lifetime. The Snake Goddess has never gotten out of the 20s in any generation, however.

This time, though, there is a twist. While The 68 clamor for Jessica's death, Harker has decided that he is tired of the constant reincarnations. As the only one who retains his memory from one life to the next, Harker knows that an initial snake bit left him impotent, and he remains so in each subsequent life.

Thus, the plan is thus for Jessica to kill each of The 68 with Harker's assistance (now 65, following the killings of date Ryan in #1, assistant Barkley #4, and pedophile Robinson in #5), before Jessica finally kills Harker, all the time leaving The 68 to think that she has alread been killed. Jessica resists her role as a murderer, but Harker's threat of the killing of everyone she knows and loves convinces her to sign on.

With a new mission in life, Jessica loses all her inhibitions. She grabs her love-interest Raj out of the club they are in, pulls him into the Men's Room where they immediately begin having sex.


Apparently, repressed women like Jessica secretly want to have sex in a public men's room. It is only their inhibitions that prevent them. Once those inhibitions are lost (through a couple or three cold-blooded murders), there is nothing stopping one from rutting away against a men's room stall.

On the opposite extreme, all of the power and money in the world -- combined with an unlimited number of lives -- are completely worthless to a man like Harker who can't have sex. You can try to compensate through accumulations of wealth, or by other sorts of "extreme" Fight-Club-like activities, but in the end, after a couple hundred years, having your throat eventually ripped out by a Snake Goddess is clearly preferable to a flaccid penis.

Because, you see, it's all about sex. Women want it, but are too repressed to ask for it. Men want it, but are sometimes prevented by situations out of their control, from having it. While we must acknowledge that, of course, child rape is a bad thing, and pedophiles must be tortured and murdered, we all know that true happiness for both genders consists of a grand heterosexual orgy of consenting adults.

Or, at least, that's my take-away lesson here. Am I missing anything?

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