Monday, February 05, 2007


Rob asks:

I would give anything to see what people were searching for when they stumbled across entries on other feminist comic blogs like When Fangirls Attack, One Diverse Comic Book Nation, Comic Book Thoughts, Pretty, Fizzy Paradise and Written World. I'm sure most of them will be along the lines of "wonder woman naked" "batgirl rape pics" or "amanda waller nude fan art."

Sorry, Rob. I just noticed your trackback. #1 is clearly "Vagina Dentata". I think I am on the first page of Google or Yahoo for that one. After that, I actually get a lot of hits looking for stuff on comics and religion, which isn't really my focus, but I guess it's obvious (both to readers and to seach engines) that I am a practicing Jew. After that, it is probably tied between generic stuff ("Guy Gardner" or "Phantom Stranger") and the rest of the sex/gender stuff (undetermined whether they are looking for analysis or pictures.)

As I look back over my logs, I get very little traffic from people looking for comic book racism, although I probably write about race issues about as frequently as gender issues. That makes me wonder whether no one cares much about racism, or that all the stuff about feminism is just people hoping for dirty pictures.

Well Rob, I will be awaiting my check for "anything" as I present all the searches that got people to my site yesterday.

1. vagina dentata (this is by far my #1 seach hit. I get two or three hits from this search every day.)

2. Is "Freddy Freeman" Jewish? (I get this one, in particular, a lot. I think he's not, but I'm not really sure.)

3. Teenage girls Christian topics. (Sorry, no. I am neither teenaged nor Christian.)

4. Star Trek Comic Computer Malfunction. (I have no idea.)

5. Comics Rape (I hope they are not looking for pictures, but I fear they are.)

6. Comics Virgin (I write a lot about Virgin comics. I don't know if that's what they are looking for or not.)

7. plane + beetle (Maybe)

8. comic books p'shat (I assume this is someone who was looking for my site specifically and forgot the name)


9. Prince Halftime Phallic Symbol just came in today! Again, I have no idea. I TiVoed the Superbowl and fast-forwarded through the half time show. I wonder if Prince had a phallic symbol with him, or if he was himself the phallic symbol at issue.

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Anonymous Loren said...

8. comic books p'shat (I assume this is someone who was looking for my site specifically and forgot the name)

Now, how could anybody for your name? It's etched into my brain as one to come back to again and again! ;)

12:22 PM  
Blogger Ragtime said...

Thank you kindly, Loren.

My brain is so poor with names that it would not surprise me that anyone could forget anyone's name. I can imagine myself typing:
comicthoughts. . .

Oh heck, I just going to google it!

1:43 PM  

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