Thursday, October 12, 2006

Outsiders #41 (Dec. '06 Cover Date)

Cast of Characters

Main Heroes:
Nightwing, Grace Choi, Thunder
Minor Heroes:
Katanna, Metamorpho, Captain Boomerang Jr., Lois Lane

Main Villains:
Mallah, Brain, Dr. Sivana
Minor Villians:


Dr. Sivana blows up the Russian nuclear facility where Mallah and the Brain had captured the Outsiders. The Outsiders barely make it out with their lives -- we are less sure about Monkey & Medulla. Once again, the Outsiders get "blamed" for what the bad guys did (through Dr. Sivana's "leak" to Lois Lane), and their pictures are posted all over the news, thus totally blowing their "We're all Dead" cover.

On the plane, the gang alludes to the reason they went into hiding. The key term is "felony murder", a legal doctrine wherein anyone who dies (even accidentally) during the commission of a felony, is a murder victim. The implication is that people died (accidentally) while Shift was committed a felony, and that is why Shift re-absorbed himself into Rex and the Outsiders went into hiding.

While we were all waiting for the revelation of what Grace "was" that prevented M&B from cloning her DNA, we instead find out that she and Thunder are having sex with each other. Apparently this is the "State of Grace" written on the cover (the Issue is actually titled "Mad Scientists, Part 2: Raising the Dead"). There is no indication if this is a "change" for either of them orientation-wise, or exactly what it portends.

In the end, we learn that Dr. Sivana is planning to take over the world tomorrow.


I enjoyed the use of repitition in the issue -- specifically the repeated exchange/ running gag.

"This is bad."
"Could be worse."
"It could be tomorrow when the shit really hits the fan."

I am anticipatorily concerned for Thunder, who I assume will be killed/ incapacitated in the next several issues (See, e.g., Secret Six), under the double whammy of (A) She's in a lesbian relationship now, which means it must end tragically; and (B) She's the black one, which means it'll be her and not Grace.

The official explanation, of course, will be that it allows for more interesting ramification, especially with her father Black Lightning being in the Justice League now. But, then, there's always a "good reason."



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