Sunday, October 22, 2006

Attack of the PMS-Assassin (Shadowpact #6, December 2006)


Major Heroes: Enchanatress, Ragman, Blue Devil, Nightshade
Minor Heroes: Nightmaster, Detective Chimp, Flippy

Major Villains: Wild Huntsman
Minor Villains: Blue Moon, Doctor Gotham, Strega


As Doctor Gotham plots the murder of the Shadowpact with Strega, Ragman has called in Enchantress's assistance to capture Blue Moon, who is not evil enough to be assumed into his Rags. After they quickly capture Blue Moon, the pair are attacked by the Wild Huntsman and his Hounds of Hell. After they are defeated, the Wild Huntsman puts collars on them, which turns them into Hounds of Hell as well.

Blue Devil and Nightshade have been called in as backup, and soon defeat the Wild Huntsman, sending him and the Hounds back to hell. The hounds, however, remain and sit on Ragman and Enchantress's costumes. Blue Devil and Nightshade take the Hounds back to the Bar, thinking they have eaten their colleagues.

Meanwhile, Nightmaster is negotiating with Flippy (Eddie Deacon) to work out an arrangement to use the Millennium Bar, that Flippy has adversely possessed during the year that Shadowpact was presumed dead.


Let's start with Enchantress's description of Blue Moon: "She's a magical killer for hire . . . Her powers are pretty interesting. They increase or decrease with the phases of the moon. You're lucky we're only at a half moon tonight. If it were full, she could've killed you with a wayward glance. . . When the sun comes up, she'll be no more deadly than any normal woman."

So, a female murderer whose power level and evilness increase and decrease with the phases of the moon, so that her powers peak on full moons? And Ragman can't turn her into a patch in his rags because she keeps "paying her debt to society" after one of her monthly murders. One struggles to find what sort of analogy we're going for here. Extreme behavior that crests once per month, but for which the female retains no moral culpability after the fact. It's right on the tip of my tongue . . . Nope, can't think of it.

Meanwhile, Blue Devil ignores the first rule of Superhero combat. Pay attention to your opponents witty banter! There might be a clue! Like when the Wild Huntsman says, "When I've transformed you into one of my hellhounds, you'll suffer every punishment and indignity I can think to visit upon you!, it might mean that Ragman and Enchantress had, you know, been turned into Hellhounds after they were defeated.

But no, Blue doesn't make the connection, instead concluding that the Hellhounds ate them. Oh well. They're a fun team, but they're really not very bright.

Final note: Flippy's back story read like an abridged rip-off of "Geek Love."

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