Monday, November 23, 2009

Could Cyborg and Hawkman Team Up To Defeat Wonder Woman?

So, I'm in the book store the other day, and I'm always keeping my eyes open for things the girls would like, so when I saw that they had a Super Friends coloring book, I picked it up without even looking. The girls LOVE the DC Super Friends book, and we pick up the issues every month. I didn't even really stop to look at it. Just dumped it on the pile.

But then, something caught my eye. Super Friends Cyborg! Cyborg isn't in the comic book, but the girls know him from Tiny Titans. So, instead of the six Super Friends, this one had seven. Even better.

But wait, is that Hawkman up there in the corner? It is. I don't particularly care about Hawkman, but I have no objections to him either. But, if there are seven characters, and two of them are new, then one of the six from the comic books has to be missing . . .

Yep, they ditched Wonder Woman, and traded her in for Cyborg and Hawkman. The Super Friends Coloring Book went right back on the shelf. I've never complained that there's "only one girl" for my girls in the Super Friends comics. They certainly haven't complained, and the portrayal of WW is very good.

So why did they drop her from the coloring book?

I'm not one to say publically, "I'm offended and will never buy your product again," but I actually had this one in my hands in the "To Buy" pile. So, that's one lost sale from whoever thought the presence of one female superhero would lose more sales than dropping her for freakin' Hawkman.