Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Green Arrow/ Black Canary #3 and Connor Hawke: Dragon's Blood #6

So, I can't have been the only person to read both of these. The entire Dragon's Blood mini-series, as best as I can figure, was about getting to the point of Connor fighting the bad guy in an actual pool of real, red dragon's blood. The story was that bathing in the dragon's blood gave the bather immortality. Only by bathing in the blood himself could Connor become the dragon's heir and kill the godlike bad-guy.

Now, several months later, Connor appears to have been shot through the chest by a very angry cloud, leaving us all in suspense as to whether he will die. It seems to me that the options are either:

A. Connor will not die because he is immortal, having recently bathed in Dragon's Blood and winning the fight with the other immortal guy. (This, though, doesn't make for much of a cliff-hanger).

B. Connor will not die because the bullet missed his major organs or something. (And, therefore, the quest of his immortality gets passed over for now.)

C. Connor dies because Dragon's Blood isn't really in continuity. (So, the suspense is really whether a past story is in continuity or not.)

D. Connor dies because immortality doesn't really mean much these days. (Heck, Connor killed the other immortal guy in Dragon's Blood.)

It seems to me that either Dragon's Blood never happened, or else Green Arrow/ Black Canary #3 isn't much of a cliffhanger.