Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Things People Take Seriously!

So, as my regular reader will know, a little over a week ago I posted a positive review of the Disney Fairies series. This was hardly a controversial topic. I mean, I guess it could have been controversial, had people thought that this was actual a bad, harmful, book series, but everyone who had read them seemed to have agreed with my assessment of the books, so it SHOULDN'T have been controversial.

That is, until my article was linked to by the Livejournal Disney Faeries community (which I did not know existed until I saw it in my trackbacks). Quite outstripping the 5 comments (two by me) in my comment section, the Livejournal post had over 70 comments (now over 100!). The debate got somewhat heated -- not over my recommendation (over course the readers of the Livejournal community would agree) -- but over my parenting skills! Was I stifling my children's minds by discouraging them from reading/watching the Disney Princess stories like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid? Was I interefering with the free flow of the marketplace of ideas by supporting the banning of books?

Oh dear!

Within 24 hours, the administrators had banned two members (the first two bannings in the Disney Fairies community's history!) and had instituted a modified posting policy to prevent future attacks on the integrity of the community.

All because I wrote that I liked their book series.

The Moral: Don't mess with the Disney folks. You can never win.


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